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Exclusivité web ! LED Ring Lamp Set 65W LR-650 Expand

LED Ring Lamp Set 65W LR-650

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1x LR-650 LED ring lamp
1x Mirror
1x Smartphone holder
1x power cable
1x bag

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The LR-650 is a LED ring light, which has been specially developed for make-up artists, models and vloggers. The supplied magnifying mirror and smartphone holder can be placed in the ring light to accurately apply your make-up and then create the perfect selfie or beautyvlog. The ring light provides a strong, natural light. Of course, it is also possible to place a DSLR camera, using the 1/4" male adapter that you will find with the optional accessories. To attach accessories, there are coldshoe connectors on the inside of the LR-650. A spigot with tilting bracket is located at the bottom of the LR-650 to place the LR-650 on virtually any lamp stand.

Technical specifications LR-650
The two rotary knobs on the back of the LR-650 allow you to adjust the color temperature and brightness. The color temperature range is 3200K - 5600K. The 416 built-in LED lights emit the light at an angle of 120 degrees. Use the supplied power adapter to connect the LR-650 to a wall outlet. The inner diameter is 32.5 cm.

Usage LR-650
Whereas previously in a professional changing room one had a large mirror with light bulbs all around, nowadays the same result can be achieved with a compact, lightweight LED ring light. Ideal for applying make-up and making the most beautiful shots. The mirror has two sides, one of which has an enlargement. For both men and women, the LR-650 creates a beautiful, expressive picture. In addition, the shape of the LR-650 creates beautiful glowing circles in your eyes. In the supplied bag, you can easily take the LR-650 with you wherever you go. The USB port on the back allows you to charge your smartphone while in use.

Puissance LED 65 W
Nombre de LED 416
Mode de couleur Bi-Color
Température de couleur 3200~5600 °K - Bi-Couleur
CRI 84
Forme Octogonale / Rond
Alimentation Tension réseau
Adaptateur d'alimentation AC 220V - DC

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