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Magic Arm NCLG-30CL + 2 Suspended Clamps - Falcon Eyes

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Falcon Eyes Magic Arm NCLG-30CL + 2 Suspended Clamps

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The Falcon Eyes NCLG-30CL Magic Arm consists of a bendable arm equipped with a large spring clamp on either end. The NCLG-30L is an essential tool for in your studio as it can be used for many purposes. For example, the NCLG-30L can be used to hold a reflector in a certain position.

The NCLG-30L is made of metal and has a total length of 64cm. The bendable arm has a length of 57.7 cm and a diameter of 1.5cm. The clamps both have a width of 7.6cm. The clamps have a rubber coating to prevent damage and slipping and can be clamped to a tube, table or board up to 4cm thick. Further, both clamps are equipped with 2 holes in which, 2 ¼” spigot adapters can be attached.