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Falcon Eyes Battery BL-6-BP for BL-10TD

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1x Falcon Eyes Battery BL-6-BP for BL-10TD

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The Falcon Eyes Battery BL-6-BP is a battery for the Falcon Eyes LED lamp BL-10TD. This cylinder battery can be used, so you are no longer dependent on mains power. The BL-6-BP is included with the Falcon Eyes BL-10TD as standard, so it serves as a spare or additional battery. The BL-6-BP can be charged more than 500 times, with a charging time of approximately four hours at a time. This cable is not included in the delivery of this article, but is standard included in the BL-10TD. The BL-6-BP also has a USB input. This can be used to charge your smartphone or other electronic device. To do so, connect your device to the battery by using a USB cable.

Usage Falcon Eyes BL-6-BP
To use the battery, place it in the compartment of the Falcon Eyes BL-10TD. That compartment is located on the back of the LED lamp. By pressing the yellow buttons on both sides of the battery, you can easily place it in its position.

Type de batterie li-ion 5800 mAh
Durée de charge 4 heures