Saramonic Lavalier Microphone Transmitter UwMic10 TX10 UHF Wireless
The Saramonic UWMIC10 96-Channel Bodypack Transmitter Unit with Lavalier Microphone adds an additional transmitter to the UwMic10 System. This compact transmitter is equipped with a muting function and a BMP-type mic input. The RF power output can be switched among high, middle and low. The item includes a 1 wireless body-pack transmitter and 1 clip-on lavalier microphone, lapel clip, and windscreen. With the TX10 comes a lavalier microphone, also named lapel microphone. You attach the microphone with a small clamp onto the tie or shirt of the person you want to interview. The included TX10 transmitter can be attached to the pocket, with one of the included clamps. The person you want to interview is now able to move freely, without worrying about a cable that’s connected to the camera. Professional quality The UwMic10 system produces a crystal clear sound and is made of high quality hardware. When you take the transmitter and receiver out of the packaging, you’ll understand what we mean: a durable housing, good hardware and a detailed finish make this a high quality product. Usage You can use the TX10 in multiple ways. Here’s an example: you want to capture an interview with your DSLR camera. You connect the RX10 (not included) to the hotshoe of your DSLR-camera with the included adapter. The person you want to interview wears a TX10 transmitter and microphone. You’re now ready for the interview. UwMic10 extension The RX10 receiver (not included) has the ability to receive to input signals at the same time. There are multiple other transmitters available. Think about the HU10 handheld microphone (see optional accessories), an extra TX10 transmitter and a XLR10 XLR-transmitter. (Last two mentioned are available on request). You can control both channels individually. Please see the sentence ‘technical specifications’. Technical specifications Both the TX10 transmitter is working on 96 different channels. You select the channel with the arrow keys. If you want, you can use the user-friendly menu to connect the TX10 and RX10 (not included) automatically. There’s also a possibility to choose a channel (A or B) and you can turn on and off both channels individually on the receiver. For the TX10 transmitter are some handy options adjustable. Think about a lock, mute function, and RF function. You can set the latter on low (10mW), medium (20mW) and high (30mW).
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Saramonic Lavalier Microphone Transmitter UwMic10 TX10 UHF Wireless

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1x TX10 transmitter; 1x lavalier microphone; 1x clamp; 1x manual; 1x warranty card; 1x packaging

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