DNP 2 rouleaux de papier 13x18cm (700 feuilles) pour DS-RX1HS
The DNP DSRX1-4X6 Dye Sublimation Photo Paper allows you to print high quality images, without white borders. The paper is able to display 16.7 million true colours and the laminate, which coats the paper, protects your photos against UV rays, dust, fingerprints and water droplets. The DSRX1HS-5X7 paper can be finished with a matte or glossy coating by your DNP printer, without having to change the roll. The paper is only suitable for the DNP DS-RX1HS printer, is delivered without back print and has the ability to make 13 x 18cm prints. If you are using the DS-RX1 printer, you can use this paper . It is important to note that a discount applies when more than 1 box is purchased. The prices per box are as follows: 1 Box: € 140.- excl. VAT 2 Boxes: € 134.- excl. VAT
DNP 2 rouleaux de papier 13x18cm (700 feuilles) pour DS-RX1 Agrandir

DNP 2 rouleaux de papier 13x18cm (700 feuilles) pour DS-RX1HS

DNP Fabricant : DNP -

Référence : 670207         EAN : 4582287832278

2 Rolls Paper; 350 Prints per Roll; 2 Ink Ribbons; Total of 700 Prints

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