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Falcon Eyes Flexible RGB LED Panel RX-7120 121x121 cm

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The RX-7120 by Falcon Eyes is a very large flexible LED panel, which is characterized by its high light output and simplistic appearance. The size is 121x121 cm and the LED panel is only a few millimetres thick. The RX-7120 incorporates no less than 5,280 LEDs with a total power output of 600 watts. The CRI value of 95+ ensures natural colours. A light output of 32,200 lux at half a meter provides more than enough light in many conditions. The light is flicker-free, so you can use it for both photos and videos. The adjustable colour temperature of 2700K-9999K allows you to perfectly match the light of the RX-7120 to the ambient light. The full RGB spectrum can be displayed, allowing you to display a colour of your choice. The RX-7120 runs on mains power.

 Lux Waardes 5600K 3200K
0,5m 32.200 29.300
1m 15.300 13.500
2m 5.350 4.690

Mounting RX-7120
Mount the RX-7120 to the frame, using the fasteners provided. Then place the RX-7120 on a lamp stand (see recommendation for optional accessories). An adapter is supplied to allow you to adjust the angle of the RX-7120 in relation to the tripod. Steel cables are also supplied, which can be routed through the round orifices. This makes it possible to mount the RX-7120 to a truss or other construction. If desired, you can choose to tension the flat softbox or grid tightly in front of the LED mat.

Usage RX-7120
With the RX-7120 you have a versatile and lightweight solution, which can be used in many situations. The impressive size and the large amount of LEDs offer more than enough light output. Because the LED panel is flexible, thin and light, it can be placed almost anywhere. For example, against the ceiling of a car when shooting movies. Operation is also possible via DMX512 or an optional RC-5T remote control (see optional accessories).

4 different modes
Through the menu you can control the RX-7120 with four different modes:

- CCT mode: brightness and color temperature (2700K-10,000K)
- RGB mode: Set any color (from 0 to 255)
- HSI mode: hue, saturation and intensity (0 to 100%)
- Theme mode: flashing lights, candlelight, thunderstorm (speed adjustable)

Connecting the DMX panel

The lamp has a 5-pin XLR plug to connect to a DMX panel. This allows you to control the light based on the DMX512 protocol. The last picture shows this connection.

Nombre de LED 560
Dimensions 1.21m x 1.21m
CRI 95+
DMX-512 Entrée et sortie XLR
Sac Inclus
Garantie 2 ans
Poids 3.27 kg (LED panel) 6.22 kg (controller)
Mode de couleur RBG + HSI
Température de couleur 2700°K ~9999°K
Ventilateur de refroidissement Non
Réglage flux lumineux 0~100%
Puissance LED 600 W
Alimentation Tension réseau