Exclusivité web ! Flexibel Bi-Color LED Set RX-318TD-KR 45x60 cm Expand

Flexibel Bi-Color LED Set RX-318TD-KR 45x60 cm

Falcon Eyes Falcon Eyes



3 x RX-18TDX
1 x Tripod
1 x Light Boom
3 x Wheels
1 x Honeycomb
1 x Control panel
1 x Water bag
1 x AC-adapter SP-AC24V-15 (24V, 15A)
Carrying bag on wheels

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The Falcon Eyes Flexible Bi-Color LED Set RX-318TD-KR is a set that combines three RX-18TD flexible LED panels. This combination creates one large LED panel, which can be used in many ways. The lamps can be easily attached to each other. The three panels are operated by one remote. In addition to the set, the RX-318TD-KR is supplied with a honeycomb to be able to better direct the light of the panels.

A single flexible LED Panel (RX-18TD) consists of 504 LEDs. This flexible LED mat has a CRI value of 95. With this new technology, it's even possible to roll your LED mat as a cylinder, for example, you can use it for 360° panoramic photography. The luminous intensity is adjustable to 100%. The controller allows you to set the color temperature between 3000K and 5600K. With the Velcro supplied, you can fasten the mat to infinitely many items. Because the flexible LED RX-18TD mat is only 10mm thick and weighs only 0.5kg, it's easy to put it on location. Even in the rain, this flexible mat can be used because it is waterproof. The mat can be used both mains powered and with an optional V-mount battery (please note: the battery needs to be able to support 24V). The kit is delivered in a carrying bag on wheels.

Application RX-318TD-KR
The RX-318TD-KR is suitable for product and portrait photography. You can easily carry the RX-318TD-KR, through the included carrying bag on wheels. Making this set ideal for photography on location.

Réglage flux lumineux Réglable en continu
Puissance LED 100 W
Mode de couleur Bi-Color
CRI 95+
Forme Rectangulaire
Alimentation Tension réseau / Batterie
Disponibilité des pièces détachées / consommables -
Garantie 2 ans

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