Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilizer VST-05
The Falcon Eyes VST-05 Camera Stabilizer is a monopod and stabilizer in one and is suitable for cameras up to 1.5 kg. Once a camera is mounted on top of the VST-05, the stabilizer prevents, reduces and compromises unwanted camera movements to ensure stable and smooth recording. The bottom of the stabilizer is equipped with 3 legs on which, 3 counterweights can be attached. By attaching these supplied counterweights, the VST-05 transforms into a tripod and can be used to further prevent camera movements and instability. The quick release plate integrated in the stabilizer makes it quick and easy to mount and dismount your camera. The VST-05 is made of lightweight aluminum and is equipped with a comfortable, anti-slip handle. The VST-05 ensures the camera is stabilized in various ways; the platform on which the camera is mounted can be adjusted, the number of the counterweights can be increased and decreased and the height can be adjusted between 56 and 188cm. Once you have adjusted the VST-05 to suit your needs, the camera will retain its stability regardless of the unsteady movements made by your hand. Further, the VST-05 can be easily reset to ensure stability is various conditions.
Falcon Eyes

Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilizer VST-05

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Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilizer VST-05; Carrying bag

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