Sevenoak Video Handle SK-VH03
The Sevenoak SK-VH03 Video Handle is a lightweight but durable, aluminum video handle suitable for most DSLR cameras and compact camcorders. The SK- VH03 is ideal for stabilizing your camera or camcorder and is designed to reduce motion blur and increase stability while skiing, skateboarding, boating or travelling on uneven terrain for example. The lightweight and durable aluminum construction of the SK-VH03 provides you with freedom of movement. The SK-VH03 features an adjustable mounting position, coldshoe mount, finger molded steel handle grip, 2 removable 15mm accessory rods and a ¼” and 3/8” screw thread. The bottom of the SK-VH03 is equipped with a ¼” and 3/8” female screw thread, enabling you to mount the video handle onto a tripod for extra stability. The coldshoe mount, accessories rods and screw threads can be used for mounting accessories such as a monitor, LED light and a microphone.

Sevenoak Video Handle SK-VH03

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