Sevenoak Hand Grip Foldable SK-VH01
The Sevenoak SK-VH01 Foldable Hand Grip has a maximum length of 17 cm and is designed for quick and easy use in combination with a camera or video camera. The handle is equipped with a coldshoe, which allows you to mount optional accessories such as microphones and LED lamps thereon. These compatible accessories can be found in the optional accessories tab below. The handle can be adjusted and fixed in height and the SK-VH01, as a whole, can be folded and packed away easily. Sevenoak SK-VH01 Foldable Hand Grip Specifications The mounting plate is equipped with eight separately positioned ¼” female screw threads, allowing you to mount your camera and/or tripod in the correct position. Further, the mounting plate of the SK-VH01 is also equipped with a 3/8” screw thread to accommodate for a tripod with a 3/8” male screw thread.

Sevenoak Hand Grip Foldable SK-VH01

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1 x Foldable Handgrip SK-VH01; Full Colour Packaging

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