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Falcon Eyes Camera Cage CG-C2

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Falcon Eyes Camera Cage CG-C2; Hex keys; 4 Screws

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The CG-C2 mobile rig (camera cage) is designed specifically for the Canon 5D, 7D and 60D but is also suitable for other cameras as long as the measurements do not exceed 15,5cm width and 12cm in height. The rig is made of aluminum is lightweight and still strong and has a durable construction and therefore provides protection for your camera. The handle is equipped with a slip resistant surface and is affixed to the top of the rig. The plate of the camera cage is specially designed for the bigger cameras like Canon 5D, 7D and 60D so that the features of the camera are not blocked when they are placed in the camera cage. The CG-C2 mobile rig has two 15mm rods. and can therefore be combined with a camera rig from Falcon eyes, the 1/4'' and 3/8'' thread on the bottom makes it possible to mount the rig on to a tripod. For other options see the optional accessories below. This mobile rig comes with a set of Allen keys to put the rig together.


This camera cage allows you to stabilize the camera during movements and makes the recordings more smoother. The camera cage reduces shock and shaking in moving when recording while skiing, skateboarding, boating or riding over rugged terrain etc. The ergonomic handle makes it possible to make low-angle shots.


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