Sevenoak Camera Slider SK-CS02 131 cm 1/2 Circle
The Sevenoak SK-CS02 Camera Slider is a curved slider designed for professional film and camera use. The SK-CS01 has the shape of a half circle, making it possible to focus on the object you are shooting or filming, from different angles. The SK-CS02 is 131 cm long and is equipped with a ¼” and 3/8” female screw thread, enabling you to mount the slider onto a tripod. Alternatively, the SK-CS02 can be mounted and used in conjunction with the supplied feet. These supplied feet can be adjusted in height to ensure stability and evenness of the slider. The SK-CS02 is equipped with special bearings to ensure smooth and stable movement of your camera. Sevenoak SK-CS02 Camera Slider Specifications The SK-CS02 can bear the weight of cameras and video cameras up to 5 kg. The mounting plate is equipped with a ¼” and 3/8” male screw thread making it compatible with most cameras and video cameras.

Sevenoak Camera Slider SK-CS02 131 cm 1/2 Circle

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